Corona Pandemic - Berlin & Munich

Updated on 03. November 2020
The practice in Berlin and Munich remains open.

Dear patients, dear clients, dear friends,

First of all, the most important thing: Your agreed appointment with me will remain in place for the next few weeks.

The practice remains open for you.

If you have cold symptoms or a slight cough, please cancel our appointment.

Please do not be shy to call me, especially if you have questions about infection prophylaxis or the regulation of anxiety states or if you need first aid for emotional stress.

As a pure order practice – without public passage – there is no increased risk in our group practice. Our already high standards of hygiene have been further optimised in the last few days in our practices in Berlin and Munich and adapted to the current infection situation.

Please arrive 5 minutes before your appointment to minimize additional contacts.

I myself am in the best of health and will be as happy as you when this situation is over.

With your help, we can ensure a safe treatment environment in our practice in the coming weeks for all those who need help with their complaints. Together we will soon have mastered this challenge.

Stephan Lautz - Berlin & Munich


Well-researched scientific information on Covid-19 can be found on the website of Swiss Policy Research.