Orthopaedics and postural deformity

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After operations, injuries or chronic overloading, the body repairs the connective tissue and fascial system, which can lead to hardening and tension. The entire body statics can shift due to pain-induced malpositioning. In this way, for example, postural deformity occurs. This manifests itself after a few years by various symptoms and chronic pain.

Rehabilitation in mainstream medicine

The classic rehabilitation measures such as physical or manual therapy are recommended after an operation, after an accident, in case of overuse and repeated injuries caused by heavy use. The emphasis of classical rehabilitation measures is on pain reduction and the restoration of function and mobility of the corresponding joint. Distant effects on other parts of the body that have not been directly injured are generally not taken into account.

When is orthopaedic body therapy used?

Orthopaedic body therapy is traditionally used for the long-term consequences of a local event such as an injury or an operation. After years, various symptoms occur:

Chronic symptoms such as

In recent years, mainstream medicine has come to realize that alternative methods such as Rolfing® are an optimal complement to classical rehabilitation measures. These are suitable for the accompanying treatment of the following symptoms with Structural Integration and Rolfing:

Acute symptoms: e.g.

What can you expect from Rolfing and Structural Integration?

The treatment focuses on the area of injury or inflammation. This should first be relieved by releasing the surrounding area of tension. It is also taken into account how the entire body has organized itself around the injured area. In this way, more mobility is created step by step, oscillating back and forth between the whole and the acute or direct symptom area. Movement and perception exercises are an essential part of the treatment, so that protective postures can become conscious and can be discarded. During the treatment you wear shorts or light clothing so that you can be treated sitting, standing and on the mat.

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