How Slow Flow Bodywork developed

Massage - Berlin & Munich

Over the years, Slow Flow Bodywork has developed into an independent technique in my work. It contains elements from “Esalen Massage”, yoga and dance.

Only at the beginning of the treatment I work with oil. The oil gradually penetrates the skin and makes the quality of the touch firmer. At the same time the movement becomes slower and slower. It is an invitation to the muscle to let go in small steps and to relax. In this way the tissue lets go in deeper and deeper layers.

Most of the time you are in a lateral position on the massage table. Occasionally I also work with you on the floor on a Shiatsu mat. Only in the lateral position can I pick up and uncover the spiral movement patterns of your body.

You have surely observed a cat that has just awakened from her sleeping place and is lolling, stretching and making herself very long. Slow Flow Bodywork transfers this kind of movement into the treatment. This is the way you are massaged and slowly stretched. The slower the strokes progress, even more so can smaller cell units can let go.

Letting go is usually perceived as a never-ending flow of energy through all cells. The effect is grounding and pleasurable. The end is quiet, calm and peaceful. You feel well connected with your body, are calm, attentive and very present.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me in my practice in Munich or Berlin. Here you will find the contact page.