From the origin of tensions

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Babies imitate their parents and can also adopt their bad posture. Later, the pressure at school and the fears at puberty, which express themselves as a protective posture in the body, follow. Sometimes, however, the Western ideal of beauty or a military posture in the body cause tension. These deform the body very slowly, until after many years the entire body statics is shifted.

A young person whose body knows nothing “better” will perceive his displaced body statics as “normal”. In the course of years his body now experiences stress again and again in everyday life. During stress, the body contracts, contracts into the existing pattern and thus strengthens the displaced status.

This process is usually perceived relatively late. The body adapts more and more to the shifted status by organizing rebuilding processes: Tissue is strengthened and reinforced, joints are worn on one side only. Uneasiness and pain occur. Overstrained muscles become weak. The body tension decreases. Below are a few typical symptoms:

  • Shoulder and arm problems when sitting at the PC
  • Problems when you stand for a long time
  • Problems with lying on the mattress
  • Problems with turning around and parking
  • neck pain and tension headaches
  • hard and tense shoulders

What awaits me in the Rolfing® session?

A collaboration awaits you – a voyage of discovery on which you and I will search together for a way to help your body. It is our map. We will deal with three aspects again and again:

  • Attention
  • Stability
  • Freedom of movement


  • You will become aware of your habits.
  • You will learn to perceive tensions and imbalances.


  • With manual Rolfing techniques I loosen areas that are too stable, i.e. too tense.
  • By strengthening certain muscles you compensate for a lack of stability.
  • Through perception of gravity in the body you learn to balance yourself.

Freedom of movement

  • Together we develop stretching and stretching exercises.
  • By changing your usual patterns of movement you will prevent your body from relapsing into familiar tensions.
  • With manual Rolfing techniques I help your body to more freedom of movement.

In each session we will explore these three points again.

What is the result?

The goal of this work is not a final state like “healthy” or “painless”, but a process that sets in motion what has been held; a process that creates space in the body that you can fill with movement in your everyday life. The pain you originally came for will be relieved the more you relax, the more you straighten up and the more you move freely.

At last you will be able to feel comfortable in your body again. You will also perceive your body more attentively and develop a finer sense of balance and posture. If you then notice more and more often in everyday life how lively and easy you walk through the world, how your movements flow loosely and easily, and if you discover that “movement” and “freedom” are like brother and sister – then you begin to enjoy this new freedom. Then you are on the right path.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me in my practice in Berlin or Munich. Here you will find the contact page.